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Upholding biblical, orthodox, Wesleyan standards of belief and practice.


Our Mission

The Evangelical Fellowship of West Ohio (EFWO) encourages, equips and empowers evangelical individuals and churches to help all persons experience saving faith through Jesus Christ, to weld personal and social holiness, and to uphold the traditional, biblical, orthodox, Wesleyan standards of belief and practice among United Methodists in the West Ohio Conference.

Our Values

Spiritual Leadership—is provided by persons whose leadership is grounded in the Scripture, enlivened by vital relationship to Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Fidelity—we call for the consistent integrity in preaching, teaching and ordering the life of the church to the mainstream of historic, biblical, orthodox Christian faith as shaped by Wesleyan movement.

Passion for the Lost—we are committed to reach those separated from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Personal Holiness—we call for Individual lifestyles that demonstrate Christ’s holiness living in us, and social policies and practices that acknowledge the presence of the Kingdom of God.

Social Holiness—we call for individuals living in a church that embodies the personal holiness of those who follow Jesus in its ministries of justice and witness to the world.

Unity—Wesley said, “In essentials—unity; In non-essentials—liberty; In all things—charity.” Our unity is found in our belief in Jesus Christ, our faithfulness to Scripture, our willingness to abide by our Book of Discipline and our pursuit of our common mission.

Our Beliefs

Jesus—Jesus is the one and only way that individuals can experience forgiveness of sin, restore their relationship with God, and receive salvation. Therefore, we believe in the necessity of a personal saving relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of God who lived a perfect life and died a sacrificial death for each of our sins.

Authority of Scripture—We believe in the authority of the Bible in all matters of faith and practice as interpreted in the mainstream Evangelical, orthodox, Wesleyan Christian tradition throughout history.

Church—We love the United Methodist Church and are passionately committed to her life and mission.

Historic Beliefs—We believe the Christian faith as historically captured in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

Human Condition—All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are broken in our sin. Its effect is seen throughout the human family, and we cannot save ourselves. Therefore, we need a Savior.

Wesleyan—As Wesleyan Christians, we believe we’re given the freewill to choose to respond to the saving power at work in the prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace of God. The love of God, thereby, enables us to live a holy life and grow towards Christian perfection.

Personal and Social Holiness—We believe there can be no personal holiness without social holiness – nor can there be social holiness without personal holiness.